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Mt.Diablo DTC: orders are in process. Click HERE for instructions to order your runs.

Monday March 2, 8:30am



Puli CoA:  orders have being delivered by private email (check your spam folder too). Click HERE for instructions to order your runs.

Tuesday February 17, 2pm



Yes ! you can still Order Runs from past shows !


Access previous events to download your videos by clicking "Watch Videos" on the left menu and then scroll down to find the link to your show.




"The system is very easy to use, is small and the accuracy is spot on. Feedback from my students has been overwhelmingly positive not only on the system itself (they helped to put the timers in place at each jump height and read the console), but they LOVE the additional information obstacle timing has given to them. It has also brought out a bit of healthy competition among the groups so people are pushing harder, just like they would in a real trial. So many positives!"



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