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Maja's  Achievements, Videos and Pictures

2012 Achieved MACH6 on January 7th,    MACH7 on May 26th.
Finalist 20" AKC Nationals, Reno,NV ~ Aprill

Achieved MACH5 - September 16th

AKC Nationals, Lexington,Virginia ~ April 3rd place ISC 26" combined
2010 Achieved MACH4 - October 10th

European Open Czech Republic ~ July

Agility Team round

Jumping Team round

Selected for the  AKC/USA World Team as Alternate for Large Dogs Team
AKC/USA World Team Tryouts ~ May

Round 1 clean!

Round 2 clean!

Round 3 clean!

3rd place combined Day 1

Round 4 clean!

Round 5 1 refusal

AKC Nationals, Oklahoma ~ March

2nd place ISC 26" combined

3rd ISC Jumping round

2nd ISC Agility round

4th Nationals combined into Finals

4th place at Final round

Achieved MACH3 - January 17th
USDAA  Annual Ranking - Top 10 Tournament 22" class
FCI World Championships

Dornbin, Austria ~ September

22nd Jumping Individual        

        Jumping Team

        Agility Team

Special Video by Agility-Argentina

FCI Las Americas y El Caribe, Open           Sao Paulo, Brazil ~ April    

 1st  Open Jumping Individual Round

 2nd Open Individual Combined

 3rd Open Team Combined, Jumping - Agility

 1st  A&C Agility Individual Round 

 2nd A&C Agility Team Round

 4th  A&C Team Combined 

AKC Nationals, North Carolina ~ March

 5th Nationals Round 2 JWW

 20" Class Finalist 

2008 USDAA  Annual Ranking - Top 10 Agility, Snooker & Jumpers ~ 26" class 
Achieved MACH2
  • AKC Championship Title
  • Requirements: MACH title + 20 QQs + 750 points  (equals 40 QQs + 1500 speed points)

    QQ #40, December-7:

 2nd  STD Run 

 3rd  JWW Run

     QQ #37, October-18:

 1st  STD Run

 1st  JWW Run

     QQ #36, October-17:

 1st  STD Run

 1st  JWW Run

Achieved Tournament Master Gold - USDAA title, requirements: 35 Tournament Qs
Cynosport World Games, Arizona ~ November

 5th Grand Prix Quarterfinals

 6th Team Relay

FCI World Championships

Helsinki, Finland ~ September

      Jumping Individual

      Agility Individual

FCI Las Americas y El Caribe, Open

Buenos Aires, Argentina ~ March


          On Argentinean TV

 1st  "Open Cup" Individual Combined

 1st  Open Jumping - Individual Round

 1st  Open Agility - Individual Round

 2nd "Open" Team - Argentina

 1st  Open Jumping - Team Round

 2nd Open Agility - Team Round

 1st  A&C Agility -Team

 2nd A&C Jumping - Individual

2007 USDAA  Annual Ranking - Top 10 Tournament 26" class
Cynosport World Games, Arizona ~ November

 6th Grand Prix Finals

 2nd Grand Prix Semifinals

 2nd Snooker

 5th Steeplechase Quarterfinals

FCI World Championships

Oslo, Norway ~ September

 12th Agility Individual Round

        Jumping Individual Video

        Finished 26th Overall

Achieved MACH (AKC Championship Title, requirements: 20 QQs + 750 points)

      QQ #20, August-12:

 1st  JWW Run

 2nd STD Run

Summer Fun At Home - Playing with Water Video
FCI Las Americas y El Caribe & World Dog Show

           Mexico City, Mexico ~ May

 1st 'Mexican Cup' Individual Combined

 1st Jumping 'Mexican Cup'

 1st Agility 'Mexican Cup'

 2nd Jumping 'International Cup'

 1st Combined A&C Team Argentina

 1st Jumping A&C Team Round

 1st Agility A&C Team Round

 1st Jumping A&C Individual

 3rd A&C Combined Individual

AKC Nationals, Ohio ~ March

 1st International Class Combined - Picture

        Finals, Team California - Video

 2nd ISC Round 1

 1st  Nationals Round 3

2006 AKC Invitational, Long Beach, CA ~ December

 2nd  Round 1

 2nd  Round 3

 12th Overall

Cynosport World Games, Arizona ~ November

 3rd  Steeplechase Finals

 2nd  DAM Team Championship

        'A klu: team Hajah!'  Team Relay Video

 2nd   Snooker

FCI World Championships

Basel, Switzerland - September

 20th Agility Individual Round 

        Jumping Individual Round

        Finished 28th Overall

FCI Las Americas y El Caribe

Bogota, Colombia ~ March

 2nd Team - Argentina

 3rd 'Gran Jumping' Individual

2005 FCI World Championships

Valladolid, Spain ~ September

      Finished 102th Overall
 Debut at a local AKC trial, April 2nd

 1st  STD Run

 1st  JWW Run

Portrait by Silvina Bruera ~ Agility Photos by DogGoneDigital

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