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Agility In Motion video services, was founded early 2002 by Fernando Spadaro and Silvina Bruera as a way for Fernando to share the 'Agility' experience with his wife Silvina. Fernando has a strong background on performance sports, and believes video and its applications are key elements for enhancing performance.

Guided by a spirit of innovation, Agility In Motion introduced a new concept in training aid: the Agility VideoZine Training Series in 2003, which received 2 nominations from the Dog Writers Association of America for Excellence in the category of Videotape/CD/DVD. In 2007, by Silvina specifications, Fernando designed and produced a portable and wireless electronic timing system to aid her in her training, it was named "Wi-Chrono" and was made available to the public in 2008.What started as a weekend family fun, is now Silvina's full time job and her way to give back to the sport of Agility.

Dog lover all her life, Silvina got involved in Agility in 1997. She competed in Argentina and Uruguay until the year 2000 when the family moved to California.

Silvina represented FCA/Argentina at "FCI Agility World Championships" and "Las Americas y El Caribe" agility competitions from 2002 to 2009 with 2 of her dogs, "Aira" and "Maja". In 2010 she was selected as an alternate to represent the AKC/USA at FCI World Championship with "Maja", and was part of the 2010 European Open USA team.

In 2012, Silvina won her place on the AKC/USA World Team with her younger dog "Tcam", becoming one of very few handlers to run 3 different dogs at AWC, and for two different countries! In 2013 Silvina and Tcam won an AKC sponsored spot to represent USA at the European Open Championships in Belgium. And they were selected for the AKC/USA FCI 2014 World Championships team to compete in Luxemburg.

Interview published in an Argentinean Newspaper ~ 2005

Interview by Club COAT ~ 2007

Interview by Agility Argentina ~ 2007

2010 AKC/USA World Team

Interview published by the Milpitas Post ~ 2012

Interview by Agility Argentina ~ 2012

Interview by AKC ~ post World Championships 2012

Fernando works in the Networking industry, where he received the prestigious "Pioneer Technology Award" by Cisco Systems for his contributions. He dedicates his free time to his passions, studying Artificial Intelligence, Skiing and Swimming. He qualified and competed at the Masters Swimming World Championships in 2006 and achieved a Masters degree in Computer Science at USF in 2011.

The dogs:

All-Zet Cron Job, "Cron", Border Collie, Female, born Dec/7/2014. Videos and pictures of Cron


MACHHi-C-Era High Tech TCAM CGC, Hi-C-Era High Tech TCAM CGC,   "Tcam", Border Collie, Female, born Aug/15/08. Videos and pictures of Tcam

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen (Sep.2011)

  • AKC Titles: MACH5(May.2015), MACH4 (May.2014), MACH3 (Jul.2013), MACH2 (Nov.2012), MACH (March 2012)

  • AKC Nationals Finalist 2013, Challengers Finalist Nationals 2012

  • AKC Tryouts 2012, won the first spot on the AKC/USA World Team 2012.

  • Gold medal Team Jumping, FCI WC 2012.

  • 3rd place Team Jumping Round, FCI WC 2012

  • AKC Tryouts 2013, won an AKC sponsored spot on the AKC/USA EO Team.

  • AKC/USA FCI WC 2014 team. Finished top 12 overall combined results.


MACH8 Blackwatch Limited Edition Maja, "Maja", Border Collie, Female, born Jun/10/03.  Videos and pictures of Maja.  Highlights of her career:

  • FCI

    • World Championships 2010 & European Open 2010 (USA team)

    • World Championships 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 (Argentina Team)

    • "Americas y El Caribe" 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 (Argentina Team)

    • Silver "Americas y El Caribe Open" Individual 2009, Bronze w/team

    • Gold "Americas y El Caribe Open" Individual 2008, Silver w/team

    • Gold "Americas y El Caribe" Team 2007, Bronze Individual

    • Winner Mexican Cup, FCI Dog World Show 2007

  • AKC

    • Winner 20" class at AKC/Eukanuba Invitational 2012

    • Top 5 Border Collie for Invitational 2012

    • Winner ISC 26" AKC Nationals 2007, ISC 26" Winner TRACS 2008

    • Nationals Finalist 2009, 2010,2012

    • Titles: MACH8 (2013) MACH7-MACH6 (2012) MACH5 (2011), MACH4-MACH3 (2010), MACH2 (2008), MACH (2007)


    • Grand Prix Finalist 2007, Semifinalist 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

    • 3rd place Steeplechase Finals 2006, Finalist 2006, 2009

    • 2nd place DAM Team 2006, Finalist 2007, 2008

    • Top 10 USDAA Tournaments 2007, 2009

    • Top 10 USDAA Master Agility, Snooker & Jumpers 2008.

    • Titles: ADCH, TM-Platinum, SACH-Bronze, SCH-Silver, JCH-Bronze


MACH2 Gloucester's Capelina, "Trompita", English Cocker Spaniel, Female, born Jul/10/96-Dic/5/10. Videos and pictures of Trompita Her achievement includes:

  • Top Agility English Cocker Spaniel 2003

  • MACH title June 2003 (first ECS in CA to get this title! )

  • MACH2 title October 2004

  • Won Team Championship competition at the English Cocker Sp. 2006 National Specialty in Sacramento, CA

  • Retired from competition May 2006.

MACH2 Polthar Aira Black, "Aira", Doberman, Female, Oct/9/98-Dic/6/07. Videos and pictures of Aira Her achievement includes:

  • Represented Argentina at FCI WC 2002 & 2006

  • 2003 Top 20 Agility Winner

  • HIT at Doberman P Club of America Nationals 2003

  • MACH2 title March 2007, MACH title April 2004

  • DPCA ranked Agility Top 20  2002, 2003, 2004, 2007

  • Her most important achievement: overcame a deadly illness after 2 years (2004-2005) of fighting for her life.





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