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YES! you can still order videos from these shows! (scroll down for the complete list)


1-Send your payment using the button below.

2-Email us at:  with the list of runs you would like to order.

Info we need to find your runs: Date - Level - Class - Jump Height, Dog's name, breed, color and markings. Let us know if you run multiple dogs so we can do our best to find the one you actually want. Please add any detail that could help us visually identify you and your dog.


Delivery is by YouTube. 


Video Runs


YES ! we can provide you with almost any format you need for your videos!


This applies to situations when you bought your runs and now you want them AGAIN in a different format. 

Price is $30 per run PREPAID by PayPal - email us to receive an invoice.

*** It's your responsibility to specify the new format exactly ***

* Previews and other Savings are only available at the shows *

2017 Runs are still available to order from these shows:
Dec.29-Jan.1 TRACS @ Murieta Equine Center AKC Results
2016 Runs are still available to order from these shows:
Nov 25-26-27 PWD @ Murieta Equine Center AKC Results
Nov 4-6 FDTC @ Madera Fairgrounds AKC Results
Oct 1-3 NORCAL Golden Ret at Placerville Fairgrounds AKC Results
Sep 26-27 PWDCA Nationals at Monterey Fairgrounds AKC Results
Sep 17-18 TRACS @ Woodland USDAA Results
Aug 12-14 BCCNC & PWD at Manzanita Park AKC Results
Aug 5-7 SMKC @ Elks Lodge Santa Maria AKC Results
July 23-25 LCKC @  Humboldt Fairgrounds, Ferndale AKC Results
July 16-17 SVWC @  Evergreen, San Jose AKC Results
July 1-3 SSCNC @  Evergreen, San Jose AKC Results
June 24-26 SVSSC @ Woodland Fairgrounds AKC Results
June 11-12 RBTF AKC Results

YouTube link. We'll upload your run to your YouTube account when you provide us with the user id and password of your account. Or to our YouTube account and send you the link by email. This link will be set "Private" so only people to whom you share the link with will be able to watch your run. You can also share your run on Facebook or any other social media.

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