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"I just received my video from the trial and absolutely LOVE it.  I couldn't possibly ask for anything better to keep watching over and over and to show all my friends... agility lovers and everyone else."  Mary B.

What is it?

A video service we offer at trials that provides video of your agility runs. Since 2002, we are committed to preserve your most precious memories and provide an aid in performance training by making available to you high quality video of your runs.

You don't need to sign up to have your runs filmed.
We capture every run in the rings we are filming, so look out for our banners and cameras.

Purchase only the runs you want. Order during the show to take advantage of our promotions, savings and previews.
Or you may order after the show but please keep in mind videos aren't available for preview online.

  • Runs are recorded with professional digital video camcorders situated several feet high, which gives you an interesting perspective.
  • Add "slow-motion and music" to any of your runs to make it really special (regular video plus your run again in slow motion to music)
  • Choose the delivery option that fits your needs:
    • take the runs with you on a USB drive
    • Downloads
    • YouTube link
    • Data Disc
    • DVD disc to play on your TV
  • Affordable ! as low as $6 each run at the show applying multi-run savings

Why is this useful for you ?

  • Video is an invaluable training tool to improve your performance.

  • To have a nice memory of your dog and yourself doing what you enjoy the most.

  • To share with family and friends.

Why to use our video service ?

  • Before the show: To relax and enjoy the anticipation of the trial without stressing over cassettes, camera and batteries.
  • During the show: To focus on your runs without the stress of having to ask friends and fellow competitors to tape your runs.
  • After the show:
  • To enjoy high quality video of your runs.
  • To be able to analyze your run and to show them to your instructor for feedback.
  • To have the possibility to obtain accurate data of partial times (sequences of the course) obtained via digital video processing.
  • To have the possibility to obtain high-tech handling analysis and comparison using digital video technology like Side by Side and/or Overlay videos.


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