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"...this [Videozine] is the most innovative Agility teaching 'aid' that I have ever seen, have learned so much from it, it's like being able to audit a seminar with brilliant trainers any time you feel the need ! Julia Lewis."

"... I'm either learning new skills or refreshing older skills that I've forgotten about. ...we're always looking for ways to improve my skills and I think these DVDs are the best! Sue Botsford."

"Agility In Motion Videozine, the Agility Magazine on Video. This is really the best way to understand agility - see - hear - learn - and it is entertaining as well."

The Agility In Motion VideoZine series is full of great training tips, demonstrated by some of the top trainers/handlers. In addition, each issue showcases runs from various shows, including side-by-side comparisons and overlay analysis of teams, you will also find great training exercises from actual courses to set up for your class or in your backyard.

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